10 Fun German Shepherd Gifts

Looking for something special for that Shepherd lover in your life? These German Shepherd gifts are perfect! Putting this list together was so fun and I definitely have some shopping to do!

Here’s a round up of some of the best gifts – most are small businesses and handmade!

Please note: prices and availability may change from publication date of this post!

I Love Hairy German Boys - German Shepherd Lover Gifts

TheDailyDogDesigns – $26.90

This just makes me laugh… I am madly in love with a hairy German boy and a hairy German girl. We also all know we need this candle!

The Daily Dog Designs has generously offered a 15% discount on shirts and hoodies at their shop for our readers with code: RADARARYA15

KatsDesignsNGifts – $22+

This handmade wooden stand holds your phone for charging and looks cute doing it!

Katherine has generously offered a discount to our readers with code BLOG2023CL – save 10% off shop wide! She has a wide array of products (loving these coasters, too!)

BainSlater – $46.98+

A couple years ago I got really into yard art because I kill every plant that crosses my path. This could be due to the dogs destroying all hoses for watering. I just love this metal German Shepherd for the front garden. The head tilt, am I right?

SunnysSoireeCo – $27

Why is it that drinking out of a glass that looks even remotely like a mason jar is fun? I don’t know either but it is. I’m a big fan of German Shepherd ears (as you can see by our logo!) and I love the bamboo top and glass straw!

Amazon – $10.99

I actually have had two people buy me these socks and I love them! Finding black German Shepherd things is not as easy as the black and tan!

Looking for a way to track your dog? Check out my reviews on the Jiobit and FitBark!

JannaSalakDesigns – $46.41

This iPad Air case has all the shepherds and protects your device. It also folds into a stand. This print comes in 3 different background colors plus other items like the matching iPhone case!

HamlinRowShop – $36.60+

This isn’t German Shepherd specific but it fits! I was not prepared for how accurate the term “German Shedder” was. I got this for my birthday one year and I just love it. People should consider themselves forewarned… there is A LOT of dog hair at any given time in any given place in our house!

Inkopious – $29.99

I LOVE Inkopius and Brutus the German Shepherd is, of course, my favorite. I have this tote bag and use it all the time to haul library books, groceries or as a beach bag. You can even customize him to be wearing different glasses, hats and more! Ready to check out? Go to their Giving Back page for coupon codes that benefit animal rescue groups.

K9 Print Art – $11.99

We recently went to the Bahamas and I was thinking, I really need a new luggage tag. The one that was on my bag had my old address that I hadn’t lived at in a good 13 years (you can see how much I travel). I want a luggage tag more for bag identification than having my personal info on it – you quickly learn black suitcases are a favored choice on the luggage conveyer.

Side note: I ordered two different suitcases before vacation and didn’t receive either of them! One was cancelled and one wouldn’t come until after the trip. Huge bummer but I survived.

SagittariusGallery – $18.95

My toxic trait? Buying notebooks and then not wanting to write in them because they are so pretty. This one would definitely be no exception. There is also a black & tan German Shepherd and a white Shepherd.

Do you like gift guides? Which of these German Shepherd gifts do you like best? Leave me a comment below!


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