About Us

Mindy, Radar, Arya

We are Mindy, Radar & Arya. We’re so glad you stopped by!

Radar is a five year old black German Shepherd. Since we moved into a new house, I wanted a dog because we had the room for them to run. He made our house a home! He is the perfect dog and made us wildly unprepared for what a normal puppy acted like when Hurricane Arya blew into our lives. Radar loves playing ball (although he’ll never drop it… so holding ball), being near his humans and going for walks.

Arya is a five year old black German Shepherd. She is wild, funny and a holy terror. Radar made our house a home and Arya completed our family. She loves sticks and toys (her day is not complete until they come out), playing fetch and running. This girl is so fast! She smokes Radar in a race.

I’m Mindy and I started this blog to share what I’ve learned since getting Radar. We are focused on healthy, clean living and that’s what I share here. I hope you find something of interest and we’re so glad you’re here!