FitBark GPS Tracker Review – Small But Mighty

FitBark has been a great choice for Arya to track her location and activity. The tracker is small but packs in a lot of features.

FitBark at a Glance

We have tried a few different trackers (Fi, Whistle, Findster*, Air Tags to name a few) and none have quite fit our needs as well as Jiobit and Fitbark. Here I break down the FitBark.

The FitBark is a very small, lightweight (just 16 grams!) device that attaches to the collar and tracks activity and location. Fitbark also tracks:

  1. Activity counts (BarkPoints*)
  2. Rest, active and play time
  3. Nocturnal sleep score
  4. Overall health index
  5. Activity index
  6. Calorie burn
  7. Distance traveled

* BarkPoints are not the same as steps (like a human Fitbit would track). Basically, the more the sensor moves, the more points accumulate. BarkPoints help to calculate the other metrics.

There is quite a lot to this small but mighty tracker so let’s dive in.

Working With the Fitbark

When you open the app, you’re taken to the main screen which shows activity information. Swiping up takes you to more detailed information and current location. You can add safe places as with the Jiobit and Arya is currently in the house next to me so she is “At Home”.

To get even more in depth, when I click on the circle that shows her progress towards goal, it breaks it down for me.

Let’s say she had wandered outside the safe place boundary. I would get a notification on my phone (and my Apple watch). Note: When we take walks and leave a safe place boundary, the notification changes to Arya has left Home with Mindy (this is a case where you have multiple users with the app… no need to worry, she’s with me!) When she returns, I get another notification.

Something to note here, there is a lag of a few minutes from when they breach the boundary and you get the notification. Findster was probably the fastest to notify me and Fi was definitely the slowest. FitBark and JioBit fall into the middle with Whistle being on the slower side as well.

This is her history screen. I can see that she wandered outside of the safe place earlier. Bad dog! You are able to view this as a Google Maps video but for safety reasons, I am leaving the view like this.

FitBark history screen

Cool FitBark Features

  • A 2 year product warranty
  • Notifications if the sensor leaves a safe place.
  • Safe places can be made in a circle or square – unlike Jiobit.
  • It tracks activity and compares it similar dogs on FitBark. It includes exercise and resting/sleep. It even shows their sleep score which can clue you in on if there is an underlying health issue.
  • There is a social aspect of the app – you can follow other dogs. This isn’t something I participate in but if you know and trust the person, it could be an interesting feature.
  • You can communicate with others that follow the dogs via the Journal feature. So for instance, a petsitter/vet/someone else in the household.
  • The app lets you know if the exercise goal has or has not been met and keeps a log of it.
  • Each week you are emailed a summary of activity.
  • You can sync it with your own activity tracker – a Fitbit and the Apple watch but as of this time, I haven’t figured out how to do the Apple watch!

What I Like About FitBark

  • The battery lasts quite awhile – at least two weeks for us.
  • It is 100% waterproof which is great for the summer when we’re on the boat.
  • Pretty fast notifications when she leave a safe area
  • Small and lightweight on her collar
  • The activity insights are interesting and help me monitor her wellbeing
  • You can order colored covers for the device to personalize it.

What FitBark Could Improve

  • I find the charger hard to work with – I really have to jiggle it around for awhile to make a connection.
  • The device attaches to the collar with zip ties (which they do provide including extras). I have had to replace two of them already.
  • The cover is not easy to remove.


The device is $99.95 (as of the publication of this article).

Service is:

  • $9.95 per month with no contract
  • $7.95 per month with a one year contract (billed $95.40 per year)
  • $6.95 per month with a two year contract (billed $166.80 every two years)
  • $5.95 per month with a three year contract (billed $214.20 every three years)


I am definitely happy with the Fitbark, it has way more pros than cons and maybe in the future, the design will be improved. The tracking plus the metrics are really neat and it’s affordable – both the device and the monthly service.

Want To Purchase Fitbark?

Head over to their website at to learn more and to purchase.

*Findster was a strong favorite however they had many problems. When the device worked, it was amazing and the best for real time tracking. However, with that came very short battery life (had to be charged every night) and it would often just stop working. They have renamed their brand Maven now and moved over to more of a wellness tracker. I believe they are out of their waitlist phase and accepting regular orders.

Do you have a favorite tracker device? Drop me a comment below so I can check it out!


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