Plato Wild Caught Baltic Sprat – Just One Ingredient!

The dogs love the wild caught baltic sprat from Plato Pet Treats. I love it’s a single ingredient treat. Welcome back to our series “What’s in This Treat?” where I break down the ingredients of treats. Let’s take a look at the sprat. There’s just one thing in this bag but is sprat healthy?

Please note: this post is comprised of information I have compiled, read and formed my own opinion on. I am not a vet or a nutritionist. As with anything, there are going to be conflicting opinions and findings. The writing reflects how I feel about the product after gathering the information.

Summary of Plato’s Wild Caught Baltic Sprat

The squeamish may not like these as they are whole fish and they do have a slight fishy smell. It is not overpowering and will not stink up the entire house but it’s there. These are wild caught from Estonia. Each fish is fully traceable and responsibly caught. Sprats have many health benefits but due to having a higher fat content, they are not the best choice for overweight dogs or those with conditions that are worsened with a fatty diet.

Guaranteed Analysis

Serving Size: 1 sprat fish

Crude Moisture13% max
Crude Protein60% min
Crude Fat5% min
Crude Fiber1% max
Vitamin D3<4 IU/100 g
Calcium (mg)35.04
Phosphorus (mg)31.68
Magnesium (mg)1.95
Sodium (mg)5.31
Potassium (mg)18.99
Iron (mg)0.10
Zinc (mg)0.30

For more information on understanding guaranteed analysis, here is an excellent article by Dog Food Insider.

Ingredient List

The Breakdown

  • Similar to sardines, Baltic sprat is a nutrient dense, natural source of Omega 3. They also have a low mercury count like sardines and since these are meant to be given as a treat not a meal, no worries there. Sprats can improve heart and coat health.

My Thoughts on Baltic Sprat

This is a fun treat for the dogs and I usually buy them for special occasions. The dogs love them, they’re good for them and are responsibly sourced.

Another favorite fish treat is Plato Hundur’s Crunch Cod Fingers.


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