Radar’s Birthday West Paw Haul


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Our Radar is six years old! I tell you, from the minute that we brought him home, he has been an absolute dream and goodest boys deserve all the toys!

We love West Paw toys for so many reasons! They are:

  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Made in the USA
  • No BPA
  • No phthalates
  • No Latex
  • FDA Compliant (you can eat off these toys if that’s your thing)
  • CE marked
    • If you’re like me and thinking well, what the heck is CE marked? It means that it has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements, which ensure consumer safety.
  • So durable! There’s not much that lasts long with these guys but some have survived and the others lasted a very long time!
  • A Love It Guarantee: They will replace products you are not satisfied with within 6 months of purchase. See their website for more details.
  • Certified B Corp

This is exciting too – the toys are RECYCLABLE! The packaging for the toys are printed on 100% recycled paperboard and is compostable and biodegradable. Yes, this matters!

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We took advantage of their Earth Day sale and here’s what we got!


This toy is made from recycled ocean bound plastic which they call “Seaflex”. Okay, normally we do avoid plastic toys at all cost! But in reading further (they are very transparent on their website), I allowed this one. Read more about their sourcing and cleaning process here.

The Snorkl is a V shaped toy which makes it great for tugging without as much worrying about getting nipped. It also is easy to throw and it floats! We have three of these and this Snorkl is a replacement for an old one which will be on its way to be recycled!


Funnl dog toy

The Funnl is made to hold an Earth Animal No Hide Chew. When I first saw it was advertised as an enrichment toy I will admit, I failed to see how. Once I gave it to them though, I saw they did need to work out how to get the chew out of the holder. It kept them busy for awhile and these dogs always need to be busy.

I read through the reviews and people commented that either the Funnl was too large for the chew or too small for the chew. Make sure you get the appropriate sized chew (I ordered a bundle so it came with one) and also yes, it takes some effort to get the chew into the “fins”.

Earth Animal No Hide Chews

We are a no rawhide household but these are such a great alternative! These are made in the USA with humanely raised chicken. The chews are easily digestible (unlike rawhide) and contain:

  • Chicken
  • Brown rice flour
  • Agar-Agar
  • Organic Eggs
  • Olive Oil
  • Banana powder
  • Pineapple stem

Something to note – these won’t last as long as a rawhide chew. If you have power chewers like we do, there’s really not a lot that’s going to last that long. However, it did keep them busy for awhile! Always monitor your pet with chews as well!


Advertised as “safer than a stick”, the skamp is a great toy for throwing as well as tugging. It floats as well. This Skamp is another replacement.


Sailz is another Seaflex product. It is a frisbee type and it really flies! It does float so it’ll be perfect for beach play.

We also have the Drifty, Tizzi, Bumi, Zwig and Hurley! It is definitely safe to say we are diehard West Paw fans. Head over to their website to shop!


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