Two Favorite Dog Grooming Products – Coat Defense & SleekEZ

Two of our favorite dog grooming products are the SleekEZ comb and Coat Defense powder.

SleekEZ and Coat Defense dog  grooming products

Grooming is a big part of our routine due to the fact they are constantly getting into something outside and shed like they’re getting paid for it. You know what they say, German Shepherds only have two shedding seasons, they each last six months.

These two products make the routine easy and as always, non-toxic and safe.


SleekEZ is a deshedding tool. It comes in 3 sizes and consists of a wooden handle and tiny metal teeth. The teeth grab the tips of the hair and painlessly pull it out. If your dog is matted or snarled, you would need to use another tool to take care of that as this does not have the tooth length to deal with it. This also does not cut the hair so you are not damaging their coat. SleekEZ removes hair, dander and dirt from the coat. On a personal note, I find it to be an extremely satisfying activity as well.

The SleekEZ tool is made in the USA (see our other favorite products made in the USA) and affordable. It comes in three sizes and can be used on any dogs, cats and horses.

We have the Medium size and it’s so easy to use with just one hand. The hair accumulates into a neat (or as neat as a pile of dog hair can be) pile to be disposed of later.

The company also says it can be used for removing hair from upholstery and carpet. I tried it on our large living room rug and while it did work, I would proceed with caution on more delicate surfaces. I also have other tools I prefer to use for this purpose.

Coat Defense

Coat Defense is an excellent natural deodorizing product. In addition to eliminating odors, it also helps to deal with skin issues such as itching and yeast and makes the skin a dry and unappealing environment for fleas and mites. This is a powder form and although it may remind you of baby powder, it is talc free. It is made from a proprietary blend of sodium bicarbonate, maranta arundina-cea (arrowroot) powder, bentonite clay, zea mays (corn starch), organic cedarwood oil.

To apply, I part their hair and shake some onto their skin and then rub it in. Their website gives tips for application to tricky spots like paws and ears.

applying coat defense

Coat Defense is also made in the USA!

You can find more information or purchase the products with the links below:


Coat Defense:

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