We Love the Jiobit Dog Tracker! A Review

Why a Jiobit for tracking? Because knowing where the dogs are on 10 wooded acres is important to me. I see so many missing pets on Facebook and it makes my heart hurt for their owners! I rest much easier knowing that the dogs are trackable at any time.

** Update 10/7/23 – Jiobit is offering $20 off right now! See their website for details!

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We have tried a few different trackers (Fi, Whistle, Findster*, Air Tags to name a few) and none have quite fit our needs as well as Jiobit and Fitbark. Here I break down the Jiobit.

Jiobit At A Glance

Jiobit is a small, lightweight (just 18g!) tracker which tracks in real time via an app on your smartphone.

As you can see, it is very small and thin. The USB charger is very small as well. Please disregard the nail polish splatters. I am not a nail technician, that’s for sure!

The tracker is very unobtrusive on his collar, he probably doesn’t even notice it.

This is the “dashboard”. As you can see, Radar is currently near enough to me that he is in Bluetooth range so no worries there. I also have the separation alarm activated so if he gets too far away, my app alerts me.

Cool Jiobit Features

  • Separation alarm – when it leaves the Bluetooth range of your phone, it will alert you.
  • Ring feature – I used this once when the tracker became separated from the collar. I also can turn this on at night if I can’t see Radar.
  • Timeline – see where the tracker has gone during the day. This saves for seven days.
Here is Radar’s timeline for the week. As you can see, he has been a naughty dog a couple times! Please note, as I mention below, you can change the view to satellite which is more helpful. However, for personal safety reasons, I am leaving it on the general map vew.
  • Real time tracking – I can see when it is on the move.
  • Different map styles – you can see a general map, satellite and street or satellite views.
  • Trusted places – I can set geofences in a circular area so if Radar is hanging out where he’s supposed to, it’s fine but I am alerted if he breaches a boundary.
  • You can purchase protective sleeves to personalize the device a little bit.

A Scenario

Let’s say Radar wanders out of his geofence. My phone will receive a notification (and when I used to have an Apple watch, it would also appear there) telling me that “Radar has left home”. Normally I am alerted within just a few minutes of the breach. I go to the app and have a live view of his location. Once he starts moving, it also shows that. When he is close enough to be considered “home”, I also get a notification.

Here is my notification that Radar has left his geofence.

Now I can see he is back inside the geofence.

Here is a look at various notifications Jiobit sends me.

What I Like About Jiobit

  • It is very small, light weight, doesn’t weigh the collar down or stick out too far off the collar.
  • The battery lasts quite awhile… I usually go about a week or two without charging and I get a notification as the battery reaches 0 so I have plenty of time to charge without worrying about it suddenly dying.
  • There is a separation alarm so when Radar wanders too far from me, I get a notification. For this to work, he has to be within Bluetooth range but for instance, I know when he leaves the garage and I am in the house.
  • I can have the device “ring” which is helpful when he is in the woods and I can’t see him. I have also used this when the tracker fell off his collar and I needed to find it.
  • Paying for two years got the monthly price down to $8.99 and they still bill monthly.

What Jiobit Could Improve

  • The tracker is not waterproof so we have to remember to remove it when we’re on the boat.
  • There is no health data available which isn’t a deal breaker but was a nice feature from Whistle.
  • The “trusted places” can only be set in a circle. It was a nice feature with others I have used to be able to set irregular boundaries.
  • You do need to order a separate attachment for the collar and in order to remove the attachment from the device, you need a special tool which I never remember how to use.
  • Whistle would send a text and an in app notification. I would like to have the text option as well.


The device is $129.99 ($20 off as of the publication of this article).

Service to the device is:

  • $16.99 monthly with no contract
  • $8.33 billed annually

Want To Purchase Jiobit?

Head over to their website!

*Findster was a strong favorite however they had many problems. When the device worked, it was amazing and the best for real time tracking. However, with that came very short battery life (had to be charged every night) and it would often just stop working. They have renamed their brand Maven now and moved over to more of a wellness tracker. I believe they are out of their waitlist phase and accepting regular orders.

Do you have a favorite tracker device? Drop me a comment below so I can check it out!


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